Sound Lab - April 12-13


Sound Lab - April 12-13


Crystal Sound Lab

April 12-13th from 12-4pm
🐬 Play and transform...

Explore the emerging field of Crystal Sound Healing with two days of hands-on practice:

  • Give and receive treatments over two days for a deep healing experience

  • Learn how to play sound baths

  • Learn the fundamental science of Crystal Sound Healing

  • Experience the lift and electricity of Structural Enlightenment™️

  • Expand your practice and meditations

  • Build your own set of alchemy bowls from a world class collection

  • Relieve pain, stress and tension naturally

  • Self-care / Tune-up!

A two-day Sound Lab costs $400, which can be credited toward the purchase of an alchemy bowl set.

Sound Lab is offered each month in Miami or Los Angeles for ongoing practice and integration time… Attend any two Sound Labs to accumulate 18 hours for Crystal Sound Healing Certification or optional CEU credit.

Or just come for yourself to rest, relax and restore.✨

All are welcome.

Day One:

  • Meditation: Harmonizing with Breath and Tone

  • Live Demo and Practice

Day Two:

  • Meditation: Cultivating Energy and Awareness

  • Live Demo and Practice

    ***Day Two begins with an optional extra hour for Intro to Science, Resources and Q and A.

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