A stream of pure sound waves...





Vibrations create a flow of electricity that enlightens the body and mind...

I tried a private session for my chronic neck and shoulder pain but I had no idea it would literally disappear... I could feel the vibrations clear through me and then everything just realigned... mind blowing.
— Pat M. 29, Malibu, CA
So thankful for you and the Crystal Sound Conference. I’m feeling so good right now. You were able to do in 3 days what I have been trying to do for years with my body. Keep doing you! It is very beautiful for recipients.
— Nicole G. 49, Dallas, TX
My doctor said I would need surgery to fix my back pain. I was bent over a walker when Andrew came to see me but I swear to god, I was parading around the house within an hour! It was like a miracle.
— Maria R. 74, Miami, FL
1111 specializes in alchemy crystal bowls... They all have unique magical sounds, you choose what speaks to you. They have everything you need to get started. The flow of energy you feel is incredible!
— Phil M. 38, Miami Beach