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Andrew Clark merges the simple wisdom of sound healing with modern crystalline instuments and a natural ability to heal and make music. His restorative sessions relax and renew as you are lifted into a stream of sound waves that flows through the body and soothes the mind for an experience that is truly beyond words. Andrew is certified in Structural Integration bodywork, Reiki energetics and Yoga. In 2011 he opened the first vibration healing studio of its kind at 1111 Vibe in Miami Beach and developed the art of Structural Enlightenment™ to integrate the healing potential of sound and vibration into current practices of bodywork, movement and meditation.

Andrew has a private practice between Malibu and Miami Beach... he offers private sessions, training lessons and sales of custom made alchemy sets he creates from his world class collection. He also organizes the international Crystal Sound Conferences which are fun transformative experiential weekends for anyone interested in learning about sound healing and how to play alchemy sound bowls. Andrew is often featured at The Standard Spa Hotel in Miami and Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles. For more information contact Andrew directly at (305) 804-6264. 


Jodi Carey has always been drawn to the mystic and spirituality since early childhood. In 2001, she was gifted a short-lived career on Broadway as a performing artist and began following an inner calling for self-healing and metaphysical studies. She became certified in Integral hatha yoga, holistic nutrition counseling, and pranic healing. As she deepened her devotion to self-realization, Jodi began to understand yoga and oneness as an unfolding from within. She was led to a clinical setting where she helped implement a yoga program for the Trauma Center of Boston in research on Yoga and PTSD. Jodi feels that this time of her teaching was an upgrade in her ability to intuit and connect with people through soul consciousness, leading her to more intuitive, holistic approaches to teaching yoga and empowering people to heal themselves. She continues to thrive in her development from her personal love of movement arts, shamanism, vibrational healing and practices steeped in subtle body wisdom.
Jodi currently runs her private practice in Miami at 1111 Vibe where she leads healing sound baths, mentorships, intuitive counseling and yoga. Her classes draw on her passion for movement, life and in-depth contemplations on awakening.  She grounds her approach through her studies in raja yoga, tantra, vini-yoga, and creative movement as well as the natural world of wonder and intrigue around her.