The studio gate is street level on the side of the Suntrust Bank at 1665 Alton Road.

Our gate is somewhat hidden in the row of palm trees:

Unit #11 - the bottom buzzer says 1111 Vibe

See photo above.

  • Please give yourself enough time to park and arrive 5-10 minutes early… we try to begin on time and do not open the door once started.

For more info call (305) 804-6264.


Do I need to bring anything?

Mats, cushions, blankets and eye pillows are provided for your comfort.

We also provide Aura Soma herb/oil/crystal products to enhance your experience.


Can I just show up and pay cash?

Please sign up in advance on the Store page for all sound baths to reserve your space. Private sessions and crystal bowl sales are by appointment. 1111 Vibe is not a retail store.


What services do you offer?

We offer crystal sound baths for relaxation and meditation, sound labs for learning to play and practice and private sessions for couples and small groups.

We also sell custom sets from our world class collection of alchemy crystal bowls, by appointment in studio or by video anywhere in the world.

Structural Enlightenment is a series of sessions that aligns the body with a natural sound current of electricity to lift, lighten and ground a free flow of energy.

Live events like a Crystal Sound Conference and Sound Mind Wilderness Tour offer relaxed, healing time in nature, whether on safari or on the beach to experience and integrate the transformative power of sound healing and meditation.